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The Most Effective Termite Control in DC

When it is time to protect your home from unwanted pests, such as termites, get the most effective termite control in DC! With our Termidor, your termites essentially pass a plague around themselves. They cannot avoid passing it from termite to termite, even just coming into contact with it once! Don’ t let termites ruin your home or business, call us today for the best protection against these harmful pests!

Only The Most Effective Bed Bug Control in DC For You!

When you discover that bed bugs have made their way into your home, you want only the best and most reliable bed bug control in DC! It can be tricky getting rid of bed bugs, they hide everywhere and travel person to person, on animals, and even sneak their way in! We make sure that we not only remove them, but any trace they were there, and make sure any way into your home is blocked from bed bugs. These guys can take over if left alone, so call the best pest control in DC and get rid of them today!

Pest Control DC

If you’re looking for Pest Control in DC, called Pest Services Company.We are committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us today and request a quote.

Reliable Pest Control DC

Do you have a pest problem in DC? Pest Services Company can get those pests under control! Call us now and see what solution is best for you!


Termite Control DC Area

Looking for termite solutions? Pest Services Company will get your termites under control in DC. We will give you the peace of mind you need, guaranteed!

Bed Bug Control Solutions in DC Area

Are you looking to get your bed bugs under control in DC? At Pest Services Company we have a solution for you. With our trained professionals you can rest assured knowing your problem will be solves.

Pest Control DC

Do you need pest control in the DC area? Pest Services Company has a solution for you. Visit our website and request a free consultation today!

Competitive Pricing on Pest and Bed Bug Control In the DC Area

Pest control can be one of those necessities that can take a real chunk out of your budget.  So why not solve your pest control problems with Pest Services Company and get the best in pest and bed bug control in DC for less?

We offer competitive rates to all our clients, both residential and commercial.  We also offer special deals that can be found right here, on our website.  Check us out and save $50 on your initial service.




Protect Your Home With the Best Pest Control In DC


If you have recently notices a termite swarm near year house, it’s probably a good idea to call Pest Services Company to have your home thoroughly inspected for termites.  While swarms may seem like no big deal at first– since swarming termites don’t bite– it isn’t long until those swarming insects loose their wings and find their way into your home, possibly causing expensive damage to your home.


Pest Services Company has been providing the best pesto control in DC for many years and can help you with any termite, or other pest control needs you have.  Call now for your free estimate and protect your home with PSC.



The Best Bed Bug Control Available In DC


Of all the things you can talk your self into “living with” when it comes to your home, bed bugs isnt; one of them.  Sure, you can take that annoying neighbor and her constantly barking dog.  And you can put up with the not so perfect paint on the dining room walls.  But bed bugs are not something you can grin and bear.  If you find that bed bugs have found their way into your home, you need the best bed bug control in DC!


Pest Services Company has been helping customers with all their pest control needs for 30 years.  We can help you with any pest problem from bed bugs to raccoons and more.  Call PSC now and get the very best in bed bug control in DC.