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Keep the Great Outdoors Outdoors With Our Pest Control In DC


Camping is great. The animals, the sounds, the smells. The great outdoors is an amazing thing– so long as it stays outside. When it comes to your home, having the great outdoors invade by way of a pest– insect, or wildlife– can be not only a real pain, but also very expensive in the way of damage.


When it comes to wildlife solutions and pest control in the DC area, Pest Services Company can help! We have years of experience providing the right services for all your pest control concerns in DC. Call now to get a free estimate on your next service!




The Clear Choice for Pest and Bed Bug Control In DC

Would you like to know why Pest Services Company is the clear choice for all your pest control, and bed bug control needs in the DC area.  We offer fast, friendly, reliable services.  We also offer solutions to all your pest and bed bug control needs in DC, not just temporary fixes and we are willing to work with you until you are satisfied, or refund your last service fee– guaranteed.

Don’t mess with less than the best when looking for pest control.  Call Pest Services Company now to schedule your estimate.





Spring Means New Pest Control Needs In DC

Spring has sprung and that means a new wave of critters might be looking at your home, or business as if it were a “move in” opportunity.  Don’t let your home be invaded by destructive pests.  Call Pest Services Company for the finest pest control in DC.

From bedbugs, to termites, to wildlife solutions, we can help you with all your pest control needs.  Let our years of experience work for your family, home, or business– keeping your location pest free!  Call now for a free estimate.



Let Our Family Help Your Family With Bed Bug and Pest Control In DC


Pest Services Company is a family owned business, which means family is pretty darn important to us!  We know what it means to take the best care of your family, your home and your business.  Let our family help you take the best care of your family, home and business with the best pest control in DC.  Whether you are looking for wildlife solutions, or bed bug control in DC and the surrounding areas, PSC is here to help.

Call now to get your free estimate.  Let our family based company keep your family safe from the damage and health concerns pest infestations can cause!




Odd Noises In The Basement? You May Need Pest Control In The DC Area

Have you been hearing interesting, or “scary” noises coming from your basement lately?  We supposed it could be the spirit of the previous owner trying to tell you where the gold is buried.  But, more than likely you could be looking at some type of pest infestation.  As a homeowner, it is so important to be aware of any potential infestation.  From termites, to mice or raccoons– pests can mean lot of damage to your home if not dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Pest Services Company is proud to be able help you with all your pest control in the DC area.  Don’t let pests make a  your home their own– call now and request a free quote!


PSC Provides Proven, Fast Bed Bug Control In DC

When dealing with bed bug control in the DC area, the key to effective treatment is quick and thorough.  After all, waiting for a company to come in to a location to treat for bed bugs, or having that company only do a partial job, just leaves you open for a continued infestation.  Pest Services Company has been providing quality bed bug control in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas for years, with proven results.

Don’t trust your bed bug problem to an inexperienced company with a shady track record!  Call PSC today and get a free estimate for proven, fast treatment options for all your pest management needs.




Let PSC Solve Your Pest Control Problems In DC

If you are anything like the rest of us, math was not your favorite subject in school.  After all, so many of those problems just seemed way harder to solve than they should have been.  To many home owners, and business owners, the problem of what to do about pest control issues can be a lot like that math class in high school that you never thought you would pass.  Everything seems a lot harder than it should be.

Pest Services Company can help you solve your pest control issues in DC.  If you are in need of some help solving your pest control problems, from bed bug to termite control– PSC has a solution for you!  Don’t stress out over finding the help you need, call Pest Services Company for the best pest control in the DC area today.



The Finest Bed Bug Control In DC

Have you gotten that sinking feeling that your last trip to a hotel, or that amazing area rug you bought at the flea market may have introduced a new tenant in your home? Bed bugs are becoming a major problem from coast to coast in America these days and once they are in your home, can create serious health concerns and irritation. If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, Pest Services Company can help!

Let our well trained, friendly staff come up with the right solution to end your bed bug infestation with the finest bed bug control in the DC area. With over 30 years of experience– we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we will keep working until you are satisfied, or we will return the cost of your last service! Don’t let bed bugs drive you nuts– call today.



Wildlife And Pest Control Solutions In DC

As a grown up, and homeowner– you’ve probably already learned that things that go “bump” in the night are usually easily explained, and offer expensive to take care of.  If you’ve been hearing that tell tale scratch, scratch, scratch in the attic, or coming from the ceiling– chances are you have a rodent infestation.


Whether it be squirrels, or raccoons– leaving the problem go longer than necessary will only add up in the hassle, damage and eventually– cost of removing them from your home.  Pest Services Company can help you with all your wildlife and pest control needs in DC and surrounding areas.  Don’t let an uninvited guest make your home it’s chew toy– call today and get a free estimate on humane wildlife solutions!




Commercial Solutions For Termite and Bed Bug Control In DC

If you are looking for commercial pest control for your business, hotel, or establishment– Pest Services Company can help. Whether you are in need of termite, or bed bug control in the DC area, PSC can provide top quality pest control services for your business.

We are a full service pest control service that offers complete commercial solutions, no matter the problem. Let our over 30 years of experience in the residential, and commercial pest control business speak for itself. Call today for a free quote.