Bed Bug control DC

Bed Bug Control Solutions in DC Area

Are you looking to get your bed bugs under control in DC? At Pest Services Company we have a solution for you. With our trained professionals you can rest assured knowing your problem will be solves.

The Best Bed Bug Control Available In DC

  Of all the things you can talk your self into “living with” when it comes to your home, bed bugs isnt; one of them.  Sure, you can take that annoying neighbor and her constantly barking dog.  And you can … Continued

The Finest Bed Bug Control In DC

Have you gotten that sinking feeling that your last trip to a hotel, or that amazing area rug you bought at the flea market may have introduced a new tenant in your home? Bed bugs are becoming a major problem … Continued

Superior DC Pest Control For Your Home Or Business

No matter your pest control needs, Pest Services Company has you covered. Worried about spiders coming from the basement? Bed Bugs in the guest room? Mice in the pantry? PSC can work with you to create a personalized pest control … Continued

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Invade Your DC Home!

There are so many ways to get, and bring home bed bugs, especially now with incidents of bed bugs on the rise nation wide. Even shopping at your favorite resale, or thrift store, or that adorable throw pillow you picked … Continued