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Residential and Commercial Pest Management – P.S.C. – Pest Services Company

Their Licensed/Registered service providers begin by visiting your home or business and performing a thorough inspection of your home to identify pest problems and potential areas of concern.  Find out more about commercial solutions check out the link provided: … Continued

Pest Service Company

Pest Services Company provides an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to residential and commercial pest management. Our Licensed/Registered service providers will start by visiting your home or business and performing a thorough exterior and interior inspection of your home to … Continued

Your Home Can Be Pest-Free with Pest Services Company!!!

Can my home really be “pest-free”? At Pest Services Company, our Advantage Plus Home Protection Program is designed to eliminate pest and rodents inside your home and to maintain this “pest-free” environment by stopping them on the outside before they … Continued

Pest Services Company – Don’t let Raccoons, Squirrels and other Wildlife take over your HOME!

Pest Services Company offers Wildlife Trapping and Relocation Services. Their initial service call includes a visual inspection for damage such as chewed wiring, locating entry points, and setting of live cage traps. They not only remove unwanted animals, but also … Continued

“We Solve All of Your Pest Problems” Guaranteed!!!

It’s already March and all of those little critter’s are getting warmed up for the new season.  Pest Services Company guarantees that if at any time we cannot solve your pest problems to your satisfaction, we will keep working until … Continued

Protect Your Business from Pests With P.S.C.

We guarantee our work to all our customers so you can rest easy. More questions? visit our FAQ section. Or if you are in the Washington, D.C.  area and need your business or home pest-free sooner than later, simply request a … Continued

Wild Creatures Are Cute Until They Damage Your Home!

Wild creatures are cute and fun to watch until they move into and damage your home! Pest Services Company offers humane wildlife trapping and relocation services for squirrels, racoons, oppossum, birds, bats, and more.  Our fully licensed team will also … Continued