So, about those over-the-counter pest control chemicals… are you comfortable using them in and around your home? Pesticides are inherently toxic, and using the wrong pest control products in the wrong ways can contaminate your living environment and make it unsafe for you, your family, and your guests.

On the other hand, professional pest control providers are very conscious about the pesticides they use and how their treatments affect the indoor air quality and general safety of your home. At Pest Services Company, we only use environmentally friendly pest control products and safe techniques to get rid of your pests safely and efficiently. When our job is done, you can enjoy your property knowing the environment is safe for guests, kids, and pets.


Here’s something all would-be DIY pest control heroes should know: part of the reason they are called pests is that they are so persistent! Many home and business owners have attempted to remove an infestation only to find the pests back in force within a week or two. To end an infestation, you need to root it out at its core and take preventative measures to protect your property in the future.

After putting a permanent end to your pest infestation, the experienced technicians at Pest Control Company take the time to educate you on the source of your infestation and the steps you can take to prevent it from happening again. We take pride in being a pest control company that you never have to call twice for the same issue!


Between all your personal responsibilities and professional obligations, it can be challenging to find the time to tackle a pest problem on your own. Not to mention the physical nature of the task, as you may need to bend, twist, and crawl your way into tight spaces to get the job done. Pest control is something you can’t afford to put off for long, so waiting around until you finally have a free weekend to handle it yourself isn’t a good strategy, either. Instead, save yourself time, energy, and headaches by scheduling a pest control service in Virginia, Maryland, or DC today!


What’s the best part about choosing an experienced, professional pest control company? A 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service. At least, that’s what you get when you choose the experts at Pest Services Company! Our team stands behind every pest control service we perform, and if we fall short of your needs we promise to make it right — or your money back!