Raccoons are familiar residents in urban and rural neighborhoods because of their nocturnal nature, affinity for trash, and ability to access scraps in trash cans and bins. However, they are troubling and could cause damage to your home or property. Not to mention they are seemingly fearless and could carry diseases or travel in numbers. If you are being pestered by raccoons in your neighborhood, contact Pest Services Company to handle your wildlife problem, and keep reading for more information about how we can safely solve the issue.

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Before evicting raccoons from your property or residence, you need to figure out how they enter. Give your home a thorough inspection to find entry points and openings that could be accessible for rodents. To determine if an opening is being used, block the hole loosely with wadded newspaper. Provided the weather conditions are calm over the next couple of days, the disturbance of the newspaper or lack thereof will be a telling sign as to whether or not you have unwanted visitors.

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Don’t try to trap and relocate the family yourself. At Pest Services Company in DC, we’re here to help remove animals safely and humanely. Getting an animal to vacate your property usually just takes a little patience. Generally, with a little time and coaxing the animal, they’ll eventually leave. In cases where we have to use a different method, we provide humane animal handling.

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Our professional team uses vast knowledge and experience to determine the best course of action based on several factors in your situation. In some cases, there are young raccoons or babies involved, and we understand how to avoid separation or even fatal incidents from happening. Our goal is to prevent damage to your home and get critters to vacate your premises without any animals or property being affected.

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We can fix most problems caused by animals and make sure they don’t happen again. We can ensure your home or business will be better protected by setting up extensive blockages and sealing crevices by openings. We can create temporary trapping, protect your residence from raccoons and other rodents, and safely and humanely return them to their original habitat.

If you have a suspicion that raccoons may be present on your premises or know for certain that they frequent your residence, contact Pest Services Company today. We have extensive experience and knowledge in handling bothersome raccoon presences and can handle your situation humanely and expediently.