Many types of pests like moths, beetles, termites, cockroaches, ants, and more can wreak havoc on your Maryland or North Virginia home. At Pest Services Company (P.S.C) we have more than 30 years of experience in residential pest control methods that keep unwanted pests out of your home. With one-time pest control, monthly services, and even quarterly pest control services, we can help create a customized plan to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn more about how these pests can cause serious damage to your home and contact us today to get protected!

pest damage infographic
roof damage


One of the most common places that pests like to infiltrate your home is through the roof. Roof damage from rodents like mice and squirrels can leave you with cracked or missing shingles and even exposed wire! When your roof’s integrity is compromised, the chance of further damage from water and moisture is more prominent.

insulation mold


Insulation is a critical part of keeping your home warm, unfortunately, pests like this fluffy insulation for their own nests. Many rodents and pets chew through insulation or remove it completely from areas impacting the efficiency of your home, increasing your energy bills. Rodent urine can also cause mold growth, as well as ammonia, which is not good for your lungs.

termite damage


No one likes to hear the news of foundational damage to their home. Pests, like termites and ants, frequently enter your home through the foundation, chewing on important structural supports and components.



Tiny holes in your clothing or furniture are also a sign of unwanted home guests. Moths, in particular, are very good at damaging a large amount of furniture and fabric in a short period.

At P.S.C we understand the importance of keeping your home pest-free. The sooner you reach out to professional pest control specialists, the faster these pests are eradicated, resulting in less pest damage to your home. We offer a variety of service plans to meet any budget. Contact us today for a free pest control quote!